How to Remove … (3 Dots Called Ellipsis) Above “Read More” Link in Astra Theme

Team Brainstorm Force:

You can remove those three dots using our filter hook. You just need to add the following function to your child theme’s functions.php 

 * Remove helip from read more link
function remove_helip_from_read_more( $output, $output_filter ) {

	$output = str_replace( '…', '', $output );
	return $output;

add_filter( 'astra_post_link', 'remove_helip_from_read_more', 10, 2 );

You have to use either astra_post_link or astra_the_content_more_link hook depending where you want to remove ellipsis.

Instead of using child theme's function.php you can use code snippet WordPress plugin, for example Code Snippets.

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