How to Install WordPress

Let's install WordPress by downloading WordPress files from WordPress website, uploading files to your web hosting server and extracting all the files. After these small steps we are ready to setup our WordPress site. If you need some more information, check out the Famous 5-Minute Install Guide for WordPress.

WordPress Website


Go to WordPress website.

Link to WordPress Download Page


1) Click the Download WordPress link on the front page to go to download page.

WordPress Download Link


1) Click the Download WordPress link on the download page to download the zipped file.

WordPress Zip File


Save WordPress zip file to your disk.

Your Hosting Providers cPanel Account


Go to your hosting providers cPanel account and 1) click File Manager. As a hosting option I prefer HostGator.

cPanel's File Manager


On File Manager page 1) click Upload.

File Manager's Upload Files


On Upload files page 1) click Browse and choose the WordPress zip file from you own computer. We will now upload the file to server.

WordPress Zip File Extract


1) Select WordPress zip file and 2) click Extract.

Extract Location


Choose to extract to /public_html folder and 1) click Extract Files.

Extraction Ready


Zip file extracting takes couple seconds. 1) Click Close.

WordPress Folder


Extractin WordPress zip file puts all the files into /public_html/wordpress folder. You want to move those files to /public_html folder. 1) Double click wordpress folder name to move into that folder.

File Selection


1) Click Select all.

Move Files


Enter /public_html and 1) click Move Files. Now you should have all WordPress file in /public_html folder. You may delete the uploaded zip file.

Install WordPress


We are now ready with copying WordPress files to your server. Open your website and 1) fill in your blog title and 2) e-mail address. 3) You want to allow your blog to appear in search engines unless you are setting up a private blog or a website. 4) Click Install WordPress



You have now installed WordPress. Next step is to log in and setup WordPress. Remeber to 1) copy the password!

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